Preschool in the Valley is proud to offer classes for ages ranging from 2 to 4 years. 

Curriculum Overview - Two Year Olds

Curriculum Overview - Three Year Olds

Curriculum Overview - Four Year Olds




2 Year old Program (Students must be two by 9/1/2019)

- 2 mornings per week – Monday and Wednesday

- 2 mornings per week - Tuesday and Thursday

- 3 mornings per week - Monday, Wednesday, Friday


3 Year old Program (Students must be three by 9/1/2019)

- 2 mornings per week - Tuesday, Thursday

- 3 mornings per week – Monday, Wednesday, Friday

- 3 mornings per week – Tuesday, Thursday, Friday


4 Year old Program (Students must be four by 9/1/2019)

- 4 mornings per week – Monday through Thursday

- 5 mornings per week – Monday through Friday


Our curriculum objectives are based on providing our students with the following opportunities:


  • To know themselves as persons with strengths and weaknesses

  • To know the balance of independence and interdependence

  • To know themselves as part of a group

  • To know themselves as children of God


We provide early and extended care every day.  In order to use it, you must sign up on the bulletin board in the hallway, and payment is expected before service is rendered.  If your child is staying for extended care, please pack a lunch which is free of all nuts.  
Please click here for pricing information.  

Book Your Child's Next Birthday Party!

By doing so, you will contribute to the purchase of new books for the school library. Enjoy the convenience of using the classroom, toys, gym and playground. Send invites home in children's tote bags (invite either the entire class, or just same-sex).  


Plan the party for a day when your child is already in school. Bring in your own food and party favors (please be aware of allergies, a list is posted in the classroom).  


Two adults must be in attendance to supervise and clean up.


$45 for two hours (12:15 - 2:15).  


Book online by emailing: gvpcpreschool@comcast.net 
Make checks payable to Preschool in the Valley.