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Current Employment Opportunities:

Do you have a love for children and a desire to work part-time?  Preschool in the Valley is currently looking to fill the following positions for Fall 2024.

  • 3 year old Classroom Teacher - 3 mornings per week (MWF). This position is for someone who is interested in teaching 3 year olds from 9 am - noon.  There may be additional hours if someone is interested in working extended care from noon - 3 pm.  This teaching position would begin September 2024.  Here is the Job Description.

  • 2 year old Classroom Teacher - 3 mornings per week (MWF).  This position is ideal for someone who loves young children and is interested in teaching the 2 year old class from 9 am - noon.  This position begins on September 3, 2024 and the school year ends May 16, 2025.

Please call the preschool at 610-540-0234 or email and speak with Lisa Sybrandt, preschool director about applying.    

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