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Karen Erickson - Director

Ever since college I had dreamed of returning to my home church, Great Valley Presbyterian, to open a preschool. Thus, when I graduated from Houghton College (many years ago), I came straight to the pastor and proposed the idea. It was not to be, not just then anyway. I soon realized I would need more experience and maturity before attempting such an endeavor. 

But I never lost sight of the dream. I married my college sweetheart, Craig Erickson, raised three sons (Steven, Christian, and Peter), and invested over twenty years as an early childhood educator in various other schools. During all this time I was gaining much valuable experience which would be put to good use. In between, I attended Immaculata College for graduate studies in Elementary Education. 

In 2004 I began thinking about my dream again – God was still nudging me to found a preschool at Great Valley Presbyterian Church.  Again, I approached the pastor (a different one by now), and this time he said “go for it”! I did, and never looked back!  The past eighteen years of directing the Preschool in the Valley have been an adventure, a joy, and a privilege. I can’t think of a better way of spending my days than by loving these children, and guiding their teachers. We are all called to this ministry of nurturing little ones and their families in the Christian faith.

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