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Book Donations

After a disastrous September flood, our Preschool library lost most of its collection. We are ready to start replacing the books for our library and if you would like to join us in this cause there are two ways you can donate and help:

  1. Donate used children's books. If you have children's books for age 2-5 years that you no longer need, we are ready to accept them. Please, no sticker books, pop-up books, infant board books or books that make noise. Drop off your donations at the church, placing them in the Chapel entryway (signs are posted). Thanks in advance for your generosity!

  2. Purchase new books from our Amazon Wish List. Using this link, you can access our wish list that consists of new books requested by the teachers. Simply click on the link to the page where you can review and purchase a book (or books!). Make your payment and the books will be sent directly to us. We hope you will consider this avenue to put great books in our library that you know will be used by the teachers!  

Our preschool year is off to a great start and we look forward to the time when our children and teachers can again visit a fully stocked library!

Children's Storybooks
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